1938 Letter



A letter written by Lady Fortescue in 1938 to a Miss Huldah Taylor of Birmingham who had recently visited her at Fort Escu, (Sunset House), near Opio. In the letter she thanks her for sending some capsules for treating her dog Dominie - 'The Blackness' and apologises for the fact she was in her gardening clothes when she arrived  - 'a trousered savage!'

The letter has been kept in its envelope inside a copy of 'Perfume from Provence' which was given as a present at Christmas 1936. It is in very good condition. The book also contains a note glued to the front paper from a son giving it to his mother. He mentions in the note that he hopes she likes the book 'especially as you knew Lady Fortescue when she was Father's patient'.

A really splendid item of Lady Fortescue ephemera!


There are 4 small pieces of lavender and rosemary taped inside the book with a note saying 'Lavender and Rosemary from The Domaine, A.P. 1938' HRT. The initials are probably those of Huldah Taylor, recipient of the above letter. She no doubt picked them during her stay and glued them into the book as a reminder.


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Letter & photograph P. Riley