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Between 1905 and 1926 John Fortescue held the post of Librarian and Archivist at Windsor Castle. Had it not been for this appointment by King Edward VII, it is unlikely that his famous 'History of the British Army' would have been finished. His position put him in charge of some 150,000 books in the library, approximately the same number of prints & engravings in the print room, plus some 18,000 drawings. Added to this was the Stewart Collection of relics, the jewels and the War Museum not to mention the archives! John was the only member of the Household who knew the history of every stone of the castle and was much in demand during Royal visits to Windsor - he was an admirable guide.


The Norman Gateway, Windsor Castle

The Norman Gateway

As he was required to spend much of his time at Windsor Castle, John, who had a flat in Brook Street, London, had rooms in Edward III's Gatehouse which ran under the library. They were accessed via the Norman Gateway near the curtain wall. 

The Norman Gateway, Windsor Castle

The Norman Gateway

The Norman Gateway, Windsor Castle

The Norman Gateway from North Terrace


Outside of the Library, Windsor Castle

The Outside of the Library from Engine Court

A good description of the rooms appears on pages 121-129 of 'There's Rosemary There's Rue'. After John & Winifred's marriage, alterations were carried out to make the bachelor quarter's more suitable for a married couple.

During 1914 John & Winifred settled into married life splitting their time between Windsor Castle and the little house they had established in Brompton Square, London. In the latter part of 1914 they witnessed, from their Norman Gateway, draft after draft of young soldiers departing for Flanders to the strains of the Guard's band playing 'Auld Lang Syne' followed by 'God save the King'.

Round Tower, Windsor Castle

Round Tower - The Archives


'Windsor & Eton' Postcard

1929 Windsor Postcard  titled Windsor & Eton - 
from 'Windsor & Eton' a sketch book by Fred Richards 


Plan of Windsor Castle

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