1935 Signed Edition of Perfume



A visitor to the site recently examined a 1935 edition of 'Perfume from Provence', safely kept on her parents book shelf for some years, and discovered it contains some nice dedications inside the front cover. The first, in Winifred's familiar strong hand, shows the book was a gift to an old friend, Mabel Wadsworth. Presumably this was someone known to some of her family as it is then further endorsed by the Rev. and Mrs Guy Beech, one of Winifred's brothers.

Thanks to Michaela Leyden for getting in touch and supplying the information. Feb 2014.

Update from a relative of Winifred Fortescue. June 2014.

Mabel Wadsworth. Mabel, or "Babu" as she was affectionately known as to the family, was nanny to the four daughters of Canon Guy and Judith Beech. She was employed straight from school, age 14, when Ruth was born in 1923, and remained with the family long after the children had grown up, until her retirement. She then married a widower late in life and inherited step-children, which may explain the link.

It is believed she is mentioned as a character in one of Winifred's books, when she describes a visit to her brother's home, but the passage hasn't been located yet!


1935 original hard back edition with inscriptions

1935 original hard back edition with inscriptions


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Photograph kindly supplied by Michaela Layden