1935 Letter



In 1935 Mr Ralph C Stewart, living in Edinburgh, had read Perfume from Provence and later learned of the death of Winifred's husband. He wrote a letter of support to her, which was initially returned to him undelivered, but he persisted and it eventually found its way to Winifred. He received in reply this hand written letter together with the postcard showing the The Domaine.  Winifred's sadness, nearly 2 years after the death of Monsieur, is apparent but so too is the hint of a new start with the renewing of old and establishing of new friendships and the prospect of further writings.

Ralph A Stewart, the Grandson of Ralph C Stewart, still has the original letter dated September 12th 1935. I am extremely grateful for his kind permission to reproduce it. One of the best finds of Lady Fortescue ephemera to date.


Rear of The Domaine from the rose garden in 1935.

Postcard showing the rear of The Domaine from the rose garden, the canal watering system is clearly visible.


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Letter & photograph kindly supplied by Ralph A Stewart