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December 2012

The France Show 2013

  • It's almost time for the France Show 2013 which is held each January at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London. This year the show runs from Friday 18th Jan to Sunday 20th Jan inclusive. Tickets are available now at a reduced price until the 31st December. A great day out for everyone interested in France and all things French. This is the largest show of its type in the U.K. The webmaster hopes to be there on the Friday. Look out for authors Julia Stagg and Carol Drinkwater who plan to be at the show. Click here to visit the website and purchase tickets in advance.

  • France 2 TV have made a short film about Lady Fortescue's original garden. Click here to view. France 5 TV have also created a 5 mins. film, click here to view the garden.

November 2012

  • A new photo has been added to the page about Elisabeth Starr, kindly supplied by Mark Brett its shows nurses posing for the camera at the headquarters of the French War Emergency Fund in Paris during the Great War. Mark has some wonderful photos of the FWEF of which Elisabeth Starr was a prominent member and a friend of his mother.  Mrs Brett was also there and corresponded with Elisabeth in Opio for several years. It was she who took the pictures of the Castello when it had just been bought in 1921/22. Click here.

October 2012

  • Author of 'Escape to Provence' Maureen Emerson is hard at work on her new book 'Living and Loving on the Riviera'. Visit her web site at www.maureenemerson.co.uk for updates and don't forget 'Escape to Provence' is now available for the Amazon Kindle device at only 4.12, a bargain!

July - September 2012

  • Very hot in the south at present with daytime temperatures well over 30c in the shade and staying very warm overnight. Time for air conditioning!

  • Good selection of books still available at present.

June 2012

  • New photos of Winifred added, click here.

  • New live webcam at Grasse giving a panoramic view or view of the cathedral. Click here.

  • Two new photos added to the Opio village page, a view from Castello San Peyre and an old postcard view.

  • From time to time people ask about Winifred's death at a young age, only 63yrs. An additional piece has been added to her biography page giving the details. Click here to view directly.

May 2012

  • France 5 TV have made a short film, approximately 6 mins. long, featuring Lady Fortescue's original garden and it's current owner, Valerie de Courcel. Click here to view.

April 2012

  • 'Mountain Madness' by Lady Fortescue. Signed copy. A professional bookseller is currently offering a 1943 1st edition hardback of this book with a genuine signature in the form of a card pasted into the front of the book. No dust jacket. This book has the usual photograph and facsimile signature in addition to this. It is advertised at 38.50 plus 3.35 UK p&p. The seller is: John T. & Pearl Lewis, 'Leaway', Tresowes Green, ASHTON, Nr.Helston, Cornwall, TR13 9SY. Tel: +44 (0)1736 762406.

March 2012

Sunset over the Promenade des Anglais at Nice


Get Escape to Provence for your Amazon Kindle!

  • "My book 'Escape to Provence' is now on Kindle! The true story of two remarkable women. An Englishwoman Winifred, Lady Fortescue, author of Perfume from Provence, and an American from Philadelphia, Elisabeth Starr a heroine of the Great War in France, sought a new life for quite different reasons in an idyllic Provence of the early 1900s until yet another war changed everything. As well as the story of two brave and adventurous women, 'Escape to Provence' is also a portrait of an era. The price is just 4.12! ". Maureen Emerson.

February 2012

  • The Tele Matin programme on France 2 TV recently broadcast a short film about the garden at Winifred's original home near Grasse and its present owner, Valerie de Courcel. Click here to visit their site and view the film.

January 2012

  • A reminder that Maureen Emerson's wonderful book 'Escape to Provence', the true story of Winifred Fortescue & Elisabeth Starr, is still readily available direct from the publisher at 10.99 plus 2 p&p, UK. This really is a must for anyone interested in Winifred Fortecue. Click here to order a copy now.

Escape to Provence by Maureen Emerson, published July 2008 and re-printed 2009

  • The France Show 2012 show has come and gone and a great day out was had by all! Authors Julia Stagg and Carol Drinkwater were promoting their books and links have been added to Julia's website on the Book and Book Sale pages. Do have a look and find out more about this delightful writer.

Julia Stagg signing books at the France 2012 Show

  • Some photos of the CDFP steam train service near Entrevaux on a wet Sunday in Sept 2011.

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