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December 2014

  • The end of the year is fast approaching - don't forget the France Show from the 23rd to 25th January 2015. There is a new venue as the show is moving to Olympia for the first time.

September - November 2014

  • A very kind visitor to the site from the U.S. has made a generous donation which will contribute to the cost of hosting the site for another 12 months. More research and new additions to come! Many thanks!

August 2014

  • Some more press extracts detailing some of 'Cintra's' fashion designs added. Click here.

July 2014

  • Photos added to the Elisabeth Starr page. Click here.

  • Picture and photo of the rabbit hutches at The Domaine added, click here.

  • Maureen Emerson is now down to the last few boxes of brand new copies of her wonderful book, 'Escape to Provence'. If you didn't get a copy when first launched in 2008 and re-printed in 2009 don't leave it much longer. It is much nicer to have your own brand new copy! It's also possible to have it signed by the author. Email for details or visit Maureen at www.maureenemerson.co.uk or her new web site www.livingandlovingontheriviera.co.uk

June 2014

  • Did you by any chance listen to this 30 mins. programme on Radio 4 Extra recently? If you have not heard it before it is interesting. Chris Morris, from the BBC, found scraps of a diary in a Sussex lane and traced the owner to Sunny Bank Hospital, Cannes. It also mentions Barry Dierks and Helen Vagliano. The programme was first broadcast back in 2000 and is available on line through the Radio 4 Extra website for about the next 7 days only. Click here to listen now! I have made a copy of the recording but doubt it will be possible to add it to the site due to copyright.

  • Maureen Emerson's new book is progressing well and she hopes to have the writing completed by the end of this year. 'Living and Loving on the Riviera' is the story of the American architect Barry Dierks, his English partner Eric Sawyer, and the stunning houses and gardens they designed on the French Riviera during the 1920ís and 1930ís Ė for those who could afford them. Visit the new web site at www.livingandlovingontheriviera.co.uk to find out much more about this exciting project.

May 2014

  • The family home of Sir John Fortescue, 'Castle Hill', now opens its gardens daily. A lovely part of the country, near Barnstaple, and well worth a visit. For full details and opening times visit their web site here.

Castle Hill,Devon

Castle Hill, Barnstaple

  • If you plan on visiting the West Country try the Exmoor Country House Hotel across the moor near Porlock. Having just spent a short break there I cannot speak too highly of it. You will be made extremely welcome by the owners, Steve & Sally, for whom nothing is too much trouble, in their spacious and spotless hotel. Click here to visit their web site.

Exmoor Country House Hotel near Porlock

Exmoor Country House Hotel near Porlock

March - April 2014

  • The webmaster recently found himself close to Shepherd Market, Mayfair in London, the location of Winifred Fortescue's first home during her acting career. It was a lovely Spring morning so some up to date photos of the area have been added. Click here to see them now.

  • View the new page with photos of 'Many Waters'; Winifred Fortecue's wartime home deep in the Sussex countryside as it was then and as it is now! Click here.

February 2014

  • Spring is on the way - the view of the Promenade des Anglais at 15.30hrs February 24th 2014.

Promenade des Anglais, Nice, 24th February 2014

  • A visitor to the web site has recently discovered a nicely inscribed 1935 edition of 'Perfume from Provence' on her parents book shelf. A lovely find. Click here to see a photograph.

January 2014

  • New for 2014 from author Maureen Emerson - Now on Kindle at £1.87 Courage is Maureenís small tribute to the bravery of those young people who felt it was their duty to go independently to the Great War. It is the true story of two of these, Dillwyn and Elisabeth Parrish Starr, a brother and sister from Philadelphia who left for France in 1914 and 1916 respectively. The United States did not enter the war until 1917, then virtually saving the day, but many Americans of all ages poured large amounts of money, aid and themselves into the conflict from as early as 1914. Dillwyn and Elisabeth went for different reasons, one to fight with the British Army on the Somme and the other to engage in dangerous aid work on the Western Front. The outcome for each was very different.

    The story follows the progress, through the early part of the 20th century, of the respected Starr family of Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. The family had an esteemed position in the town, but nevertheless two of their three children would leave home and eventually never see their parents again. The exception was Dillwyn Starr, the middle child and the love of his parentsí life. Dillwyn would leave for France almost as soon as war was declared and, after many adventures. eventually become a young officer in the British Coldstream Guards.

    Elisabeth Starr sailed to France to nurse with Mrs William K. Vanderbilt at the American Ambulance Hospital in Paris before throwing herself into dangerous and exhausting work on the Somme battlefields.

    There was a third child, the eldest sibling. Louis Starr Jr joined the conflict in 1917 and became a balloon observer sailing over the front lines tracking enemy movements during almost all the battles in which American troops became involved. Beset with problems at home, his bravery was unsung. All were truly brave.

Courage is based on a chapter in Maureenís book Escape to Provence.

Click here to buy now from Amazon UK at only £1.87 or visit Maureen's site here.


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