2004 News



Dec 2004

  • Try the new recipe for the traditional savory snack 'socca' on the recipe page. Click here.

Nov 2004

  • 2 new pages added, one with period postcard views of the south, the other features Brittany with new pictures.

Oct 2004

Sep 2004

  • Black Swan (Transworld Books), who publish Lady Fortescue's books, plan to mention the web site in the cover notes of the next re-print ! 

Aug 2004

Jul 2004

  • Additions to the 'Cintra' page include a new picture of the Cunard RMS 'Caronia' and extracts from the New York Times on the couples arrival in New York and the 'Plaza Hotel' fashion show in 1922.

Jun 2004

  • A new page has been added with some information & pictures covering Lady Fortescue's Hertfordshire connection. To visit click here or see under Picture Gallery

May 2004

  • Richard Le Fort was at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The legend is that he saved William, the Duke of Normandy, by use of his shield. He then adopted the name Fort Escu ( Strong shield ) and returned to France to found the French Fortescu Branch. His son Adam, who also fought at the Battle of Hastings, settled in South Devon near Modbury. All English Fortescue's are descended from him. To visit the Fortescue Genealogy Database click here.

Apr 2004

  • Cannes - Grasse railway timetable for Winter 1938 added. The line closed many years ago but is presently being rebuilt. Re-opening of it is scheduled for late 2004. Click here to learn about the rebuilding.

  • Grasse has a superb new webcam which gives fabulous views of the town, surrounding mountains and sea. Click here to see live pictures from Grasse now! 

March 2004

  • The 1901 census of England shows Winifred and her family living at the vicarage at Great Bealings, Suffolk. To see the census sheet in detail click here. It is in Adobe format, if you do not have Adobe download the latest version free via the link on the 1901 census page or visit www.adobe.co.uk

Feb 2004

  • The original 'Perfume from Provence,' 1935 and 'Sunset House', 1937, were illustrated by  E H Shepard (1879-1976). To read more about this famous illustrator click here

  • Le Cabanon - Opio
    . This lovely little cafe & art studio under the trees in Opio is threatened with closure. It appears some of the artistic & musical activities held there are not appreciated by all in Opio. The owner Mme. Jo Meyer is trying to raise a petition to present to the Mayor in order to stay open. Visit her web site by clicking here.

Jan 2004

Happy New Year !

  • Artist Brian Sanders provided the art work for the covers for the 1990's series of paperbacks from Black Swan. Visit Brian & Lizzie's web site by clicking here.

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