2005 News



Dec 2005

  • Interesting weather in the region again! Click here to see.

Nov 2005

  • A new page showing a certificate presented to Winifred Fortescue by ASSOCIATION DES FRANAIS LIBRES,
    and signed personally by General de Gaulle in 1946. Click here.

  • 'Mountain Madness' - Readers may recall that Winifred wrote this book at the cottage 'Many Waters' on the Stonehurst Estate, Sussex following her escape from occupied France. A presentation copy from Winifred to her 'landlady' in 1943 has recently been secured. Click here to see her inscription in the front of the book.

Oct 2005

  • New page featuring the Chemins de Fer de Provence, the narrow gauge railway line that used to pass through The Domaine.

  • Certain dust jacket pictures improved, others will follow.

  • The present owner of The Domaine has launched a web site featuring her splendid artwork and some views of the garden. Click here to visit.

  • Updated photographs of the graves at Opio added.

Sept 2005

  • See the visitors book for a nice early copy of 'The Story of a Red Deer' that's available.

  • The Cannes page has been started and at present has a photo of the old Sunny Bank Hospital where Sir John Fortescue died in 1933.

Aug 2005

  • An original letter, written by Lady Fortescue in 1938, to a visitor who had stayed with her has recently been secured. It is a really marvellous find, (albeit a rather expensive one), and is now displayed on the site. Click here to go direct to the page.

  • 1990's Black Swan paperbacks, better quality scans added.

  • The 1901 census page has been re-titled Suffolk Origins and now contains information and photo's from Winifred's home village of Great Bealings, Suffolk. Click here to see the church of St. Mary where her father was rector at the time of her birth in 1888.

  • Additional photo's of Ware in Hertfordshire, Brittany and an early aerial postcard with four views of Opio added.

July 2005

  • For some time now I have been researching the Cannes area for a new page. One of the locations to include will be The Sunny Bank Hospital which is mentioned mainly in 'There's Rosemary There's Rue', where Sir John Fortescue died. I am pleased to report that despite closure and demolition of the buildings in 2002, the Sunny Bank Association is alive and well and planning a brand new care home establishment on the Riviera. I hope to include a picture of the old hospital in the future. In the meantime visit their new website which has an interesting history page.

  •  Early aerial photo of the area near The Domaine. Click here.

  • Are you viewing with a broadband connection ? If you are, have a look at the Nice Tourisme Office web cam - it is now providing excellent live streaming video from the Promenade des Anglais. To the right of the video click on 'further pictures & streaming' to get a real time still picture. If you use dial up consider upgrading to broadband - the benefits are well worth a little extra and prices are falling all the time. Click here for video now.

  • Scan of
    jacket from Perfume from Provence 1935 first edition added and also my personally signed copy of Trampled Lilies !

  • Perfume from Provence has recently, (2004), been published in Holland in Dutch! For further information click here.

  • More new pictures added to the Grasse page and the Canne-Grasse Railway page including the new station.

June 2005

  • New pictures added to the Admiral's House page and a small picture of Sir John's apartment in Brook St, London. New photos of Shepherd Market, Mayfair added.

  • New picture postcard of Grasse at about the time Lady Fortescue arrived in 1936.

May 2005

  • More certificates added, to see Winifred Fortescue's birth certificate click here & to see Winifred & John's marriage certificate click here.

  • New page added to the site featuring the Cannes-Grass Railway Line which re-opened to passenger traffic on the 26 March 2005. Click here.

  • To help you find what you are looking for, the search page of the site is now powered by Google. It provides a more comprehensive result and in addition can be used so search the whole world wide web.

  • See the visitors book for an update on Peter Carew.

Apr 2005

  • Extracts from death certificates added to site.

  • One of the best finds to date of Lady Fortescue ephemera. Ralph A Stewart has provided a superb 2 sided letter written by Winifred to his Grandfather in September 1935. Ckick here to go direct to the page.

Feb 2005

  • It doesn't happen very often but click here to see Nice seafront under a blanket of snow this week!

  •  2004 & 2003 'news & updates' can now be viewed in their own archived pages. There are links from main pages.

  • An interesting 'hybrid' edition of 'Laughter in Provence' has come to light. Click here to see and read about it.

Jan 2005

  • My thanks to Douglas Dashwood-Howard who has helped track down Sir John's final resting place. Following his death in Cannes his ashes were scattered on Exmoor, Devon. Click here to see the location and learn more about this interesting development.

  • Additional information & photo's added to Admiral's House, Hampstead page and to the Elfin Oak page.

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