2003 News



Dec 2003

  • The present owner of the 'Domaine', an artist, has had an exhibition this month at Chateauneuf. Much of her work is inspired by the garden. You can  see the opening here and find out more about the paintings.

Nov 2003

  • Easy Jet received a fantastic response to Breast Cancer Awareness Month during October, there was a direct link from this site. As well as benefiting Cancer Research UK they will also be donating money to mammogram units at Nottingham City Hospital and Frenchay Hospital, Bristol. Remember Easy Jet provide an economical route to the South!

Oct 2003

  • New dust jacket photo,1941 edition 'There's Rosemary There's Rue', on the book page together with interesting new jacket notes

  • First Australian edition of 'Sunset House' added to book page. Nice jacket photo and new jacket notes.

Sep 2003

Jul-Aug 2003

  • Intense humidity, smoke from the forest fires and scorching heat is presently making the area very unpleasant at times and even on the coast ash gently falls from the sky!  So far though, Lady Fortescue's Grasse & Opio seem unscathed.

  • A new page has been added featuring the Windsor Castle Drawings, reproduced under the direction of Sir John Fortescue when Librarian from 1905 - 1926. All still available to purchase and Royalties go to a worthy Trust Fund. Drawings by Holbein, Canaletto, Michelangelo, Raphael, Paul Sandby and Sir Peter Lely. A possible gift solution ? Follow the link above to see some examples.

  • Black Swan (Transworld Publishing) have sold 100,000 copies of  'Perfume from Provence' to date!

 Jun 2003

  May 2003

 Apr 2003

  • The coastguard cottages at Ramatuelle, St.Tropez

  • 1876 print of Castle Hill, Devon, Sir John Fortescue's family home.

  • Hopefully nobody noticed the complete relocation of the site which took place in the early hours of Friday 25th April ! The site is now hosted on the servers of 123-reg.co.uk, a professional hosting company highly regarded throughout Europe. All the pages are now prefixed with http://www.perfumefromprovence.com which will allow some enhancements - for example the new Search Page, Guest Book and Book Order Form. If you find any problems do please let me know - it is very easy to overlook the obvious! (That includes spellings!)

 Mar 2003

  • New pages of photographs of The Domaine and 'Sunset House' which show many of Lady Fortescue's staff mentioned in her books. 

  • On her own page is a transcript of the Eulogy read at her funeral, by the Mayor of Opio. (I am indebted to a niece of Lady Fortescue for this information.)  

Feb 2003

 Jan 2003

  • Additional photo's on the Domaine, Sunset House & Opio pages and some interesting details of Winifred's ancestors together with photo's and press reviews from her acting career. A complete new page on 'Cintra', now with 'Cintra' documents.

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